Lush Review: Lush-ious hair combo!

Finding the perfect shampoo for my hair is kinda like trying to find a real life unicorn – non existent (heartbreak). My hair is oily and limp, a total nightmare, especially in summer!

However, it seems that the talented people over at Lush Cosmetics may have come through with the goods. I have made a new discovery and I’m completely in love, it has also restored my faith that maybe unicorns really do exist!

Big Shampoo

Enter, the Big Shampoo, which according to the Lush website is designed ‘to make you feel like a mermaid’ – so what’s not to love? It’s a volumising shampoo made with sea salt and seaweed to give your hair that extra ‘oomph’ it needs. Here’s what the Lush description says:

‘While the salt lifts the hair and adds body, it also softens the hair alongside extra virgin coconut oil and protein-rich toothed wrack seaweed. Lemon and lime allow the hair to shine as they allow the cuticles on your hair to lie flat, meaning they reflect more light.’

Big Shampoo Open

I totally concur! This stuff is unreal! As you can see it’s a thick and chunky consistency which is something I have never seen in a shampoo before. It did take me a couple of goes to work out the perfect way to use it, but now that I have I am completely swooning over it.

My hair feels thick, voluminious and super clean, I’m talkin’ squeaky clean. I’m also finding that my hair lasts longer in between washes, which is the main goal that I’m searching for in a shampoo. The smell is pretty much to die for (yep, it gets better), it has a lingering scent that leaves me smelling like a total beach babe.

R&B Hair Moisturizer Open

I also decided to pick up the R&B Hair Moisturiser, for the ends of my hair, which are much more dry than my roots. This is a rich blend of oils and butters which helps to restore and hydrate the hair as much as possible. I use smaller than a 5p sized amount on my ends and it seriously works an absolute treat. It makes my hair feel super thick and even stops it from getting tangled.

I would also say that this almost acts as a hair perfume, as the scent really lasts and stays in my hair until I next wash it. People have even complimented the scent, asking me what perfume I am wearing, even when I haven’t been wearing any!

So, I am completely and utterly 100% committed to these two products, I am literally overjoyed with how phenomenally they have worked for my hopeless locks. I think I may need to try a Lush conditioner next to complete my hair routine!

What Lush hair products have you tried?